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Information for Teachers

Teacher (left) and chaperone (right) lead a group of students on an RVC tour.

What is an RVC tour?

Rendez-vous Canada Educational Programs (RVC) are affordable, curriculum-based trips to select Canadian destinations. Developed as hands-on cultural experiences for groups of all ages, RVC trips are educational, fun and affordable.

Bring your lesson outside of the classroom with curriculum relevant RVC trips.  Knowledgeable staff will help you plan every step of your educational visit, starting with identifying the perfect itinerary based on budget and teaching goals.

RVC educational tours are usually recommended for 12 to 17 year-olds, and for groups of more than 15 (including chaperones).  The focus is set by the organizers and can include history, culture, language, geography, natural history, sports, arts, etc.

Four great historic and cultural locations await you and your group. Begin now by choosing your destination!

Find out more about what’s included in an RVC tour.

RVC Tour Information (PowerPoint Presentation)