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Attention Students!

Canada is big, full of different things, and waiting for YOU to discover it. 

  • Skate on the world’s longest rink in Ottawa.
  • Load cannons on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City.
  • See penguins sliding on ice at the Biodome of Montreal.
  • Ride to the top of the highest tower in North America in Toronto.

Wherever you go and whatever you see and do, it will be the trip of a lifetime! Enjoy it and have fun!

What Participants Said

“I got to eat syrup made fresh at the sugar shack in Quebec City. It was my favourite activity.” (Student, BC)

“I would go on another RVC Trip because it was really fun. The best activity was the Biodome in Montreal.” (Student, MB)

“My favourite activity was almost everything.” (Student, NL)

“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.” (Student, AB)

“Quebec is the most beautiful place and I will for sure come again in the summer.” (Student, SK)

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