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Information for Parents

Father and daughter.

RVC trips are designed to be safe and secure as well as educational and fun. Participating youth will have the opportunity to gain independence, confidence and awareness in a safe and proven environment. Your children will be traveling with teachers and adult chaperones, who are provided with tools and resources to deal effectively with any possible situation. Learn more about RVC and about traveling as a chaperone.

By experiencing a different area of Canada first-hand, youth develop a greater awareness of and appreciation for the similarities and differences that exist between the various regions of Canada. From history and geography to cultures and languages, youth will witness the rich mosaic that forms their country. Participants are offered the chance to develop socials skills and become more self-reliant through experiences in decision-making in new surroundings. Youth can also target a specific educational objective or improve proficiency in a second language by being immersed in it. This all depends on the focus of the tour.

What participants and chaperones said

“Claude (guide) was great with our students, considerate and caring.” (Chaperone, AB)

“Chez Suzette (Montreal) was the best restaurant. They were really prepared with fruit and croissants already on the tables when we arrived. They had a great selection.” (Chaperone, BC)

“We were very satisfied with the way our tour was organized.” (Chaperone, MB)

“Yes, I would go on a RVC Visit again because it was a good learning experience.” (Student, MB)

“Our guide was awesome! He was really cool and funny!” (Student, MB)

“This trip rocks!” (Student, AB)

“Thank you for the chance to visit Quebec. It’s been my favorite trip.” (Student, NL)