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Travelling as a Chaperone

A chaperone examines a cannon ball with a student.

RVC requires a ratio of one adult (either a group organizer or chaperone) for every 10 tour participants. As a parent, you may choose to volunteer your services as a chaperone and go on the trip with your child. It’s a great way to bond with your child and a fun way to discover a new place in Canada or revisit a favourite destination. As long as your participation falls within the quota of one adult per every 10 youth, your trip (excluding airfare) is free.

The Role of a Chaperone During Travel

  1. Enforce the agreed upon Code of Conduct.
  2. Ensure supervision and discipline of your group at all times.
    Reminder: RVC guides will not substitute for adult chaperones and are not expected to perform a supervisory or disciplinary function. This includes supervision throughout the night at the accommodation you have selected (please note that night guards can be arranged at some lodgings at an extra cost.)

Your group organizer may also ask you to assist with any of the following tasks:

  1. If necessary, gather money for those meals and activities that are listed as “at your own expense” on the itinerary and give it back to the participants at the appropriate time.
  2. Work in conjunction with your guide, to be certain the group adheres to the times specified on the itinerary. Remember that upon arrival at each activity, there may be a short wait while your guide registers the group.
  3. Review all rooms when arriving at your accommodations to ensure any damage is known to the staff. Check all rooms upon departure to ensure no personal items are left behind.
  4. Ensure that any additional room charges that have been added (movies, snacks) are paid by the group or individual participants.
  5. Return all accommodation keys for the group. There may be a charge for lost room keys.
  6. On the last day of your visit in each community, complete the group organizer and participant evaluation forms.