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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is included in an RVC tour?
  2. What is not included in a RVC tour?
  3. What affects the price of an RVC tour?
  4. How many people do I need in my group? Is there a minimum or maximum number?
  5. What activities are on an RVC itinerary?
  6. What destinations are available?
  7. When should I start planning my trip?
  8. Does RVC offer travel only to students? Is there a minimum/maximum age for participants?
  9. Does it have to be a school group?
  10. When can we travel?

1. What is included in an RVC tour?

RVC tours are based on detailed itineraries which include a wide variety of themes and activities designed to showcase the best of the destination cities. These itineraries have been created with assistance from the highly professional and experienced RVC guides.

The cost of the RVC tour includes accommodation, airfare, most meals, all activities, guides, , and one free chaperone for every ten participants. It also covers all travel within the destination city, as well as transfers between cities for those visiting more than one destination.

Each trip includes 24-hour emergency service while traveling, a group photo in the destination city, and a RVC travel souvenir.

2. What is not included in a RVC tour?

  • Spending money
  • Some meals
  • Checked baggage fees applied by airline
  • Insurance (contact your RVC Representative for details)

3. What affects the price of a RVC tour?

There are several factors that affect the price of a RVC tour. The number of participants, travel dates and the length of stay make the biggest impact. Other choices such as hotel vs. hostel stay, number of participants to a room, restaurant or brown bag meals, and coaches or school buses will greatly affect the cost of the tour. Extra activities in your itinerary, such as concerts or seasonal events, will also increase the price. A RVC representative can suggest the choices that will best suit your budget.

4. How many people do I need in my group? Is there a minimum or maximum number?

To take advantage of group pricing and guaranteed bookings with vendors, the suggested minimum group size is 15 people. For smaller groups, please contact a RVC representative.

There is no maximum group size. Groups over 30 will be split into smaller groups for some activities. Larger groups will also receive the benefit of having multiple guides to better assist during travel.

5. What activities are on a RVC itinerary?

RVC itineraries are designed to provide an exciting educational tour. Working with tourism boards and local guides in each of the destination cities, each itinerary was created to include the best attractions and activities.

While varying by city, each itinerary covers multiple themes such as history, culture, science, visual and performance art and sports. Museums, historical sites, hands-on programming, physical activities and sight-seeing tours are all included.

More choices such as university tours, day trips to nearby destinations, seasonal and one time events such as concerts can also be part of your itinerary, based on availability. Please contact a RVC representative to receive an itinerary.

6. What destinations are available?

RVC has four main destination cities that can be combined – Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Quebec City. Day trips to nearby destinations such as Kingston, Niagara Falls and Tadoussac are available. Tours to other destinations can be arranged upon request.

7. When should I start planning my trip?

The earlier you can start planning the better. This gives more time for organizing your itinerary, fundraising and increasing interest in participation. Bookings for some attractions fill up quickly and early planning can help guarantee first choice of activities. Many groups start planning their trips a year in advance.

8. Does RVC offer travel only to students? Is there a minimum/maximum age for participants?

While there is no specific age requirement, RVC itineraries are designed for youths aged 12 to 17. For younger participants, our day trips provide a unique travel opportunity that is not overwhelming or expensive. Contact a RVC representative for more information if your group falls outside the 12 to 17 age range.

9. Does it have to be a school group?

RVC provides tours only for groups, but is not limited to school groups. Scouts, Girl Guides, sports teams, bands, choirs and other community groups have previously traveled with RVC, taking advantage of the planning support and wide range of fun and educational activities that an RVC tour offers.

10. When can we travel?

RVC tours are available year round and are subject to event availability. Each season offers its own unique experiences and special events.