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RVC Educational Tours

Learn, speak, explore, celebrate!

"We had a fantastic time."

The Rendez-Vous Canada Tour Program (RVC) offers affordable, educational trips for groups wanting to:

  • Learn: Immersion is a great way to learn any new skill. Take part in hands-on activities and workshops focused on science, history, geography, the arts and many other topics.
  • Speak: Practicing speaking and hearing native speakers in a day-to-day setting is empowering and rewarding when learning a second language. Tours are available in French, English or both languages.
  • Explore: Visiting a new part of Canada brings to life the diversity of our culture, geography, heritage and language. Discover an entire region with a multi-city tour.
  • Celebrate: Commemorate important milestones or take part in local celebrations. Plan your tour around graduations, local festivals, holidays, arts performances, or university tours.

Why choose RVC?

  • Detailed itineraries
  • Complete travel packages
  • Countless educational, hands-on and fun activities
  • Dedicated and professional staff
  • Memorable and safe visits
  • 24/7 support while travelling
Un enseignant et une accompagnatrice dirigent un groupe d’étudiants.

Teachers/Group Organizers

Get organized

  • Destinations and activities
  • Help with planning a tour
  • Preparing to travel


Get excited

  • Places to explore
  • Photo gallery
  • Packing lists and handbooks
Une mere prends sa fille dans ses bras.


Get informed

  • Benefits for youth
  • Guidelines, safety and FAQs
  • Travelling as a chaperone