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What Participants Said about Rendez-vous Canada Educational Tours

Here are some of the comments we have received from people who went on an RVC educational tour.

Comments from Teachers/Group Organizers

“The activities were good, the restaurants were good and the accommodations were good. Our students were happy and well behaved and the guides were exactly as we needed.” (French Department Head, NL)

“We had a fantastic time, and are very impressed with RVC.  We appreciated having all the tours arranged, the meals and restaurants organized and reserved, and especially the excellent tour guides!” (Teacher, AB)

“The favorite activities were the costume workshop at Artillery Park and the Pierre Leclerc concert. The kids like them because they are interactive and the teachers like them because they are educational.” (Teacher, BC)

“The schedule was good – we liked having some free time in each city that we visited.” (Teacher, SK)

“RVC has the best guides we have worked with. Our guide was patient, interacted well with the kids and had lots of recommendations and information to share with us.” (Teacher, NL)

Comments from Chaperones

“We liked having a full schedule that kept the kids busy.” (Chaperone, NL)

“We were very satisfied with the way our tour was organized.” (Chaperone, MB)

“Our guide had a wonderful spirit and ability to relate to the kids.” (Chaperone, AB)

“Wonderful tour – awesome!” (Chaperone, AB)

Comments from Participants

“I would go on a RVC Visit again because it was a good learning experience.” (Student, MB)

“My favourite activity was almost everything.” (Student, NL)

“My guide was the coolest! He was fun, but also got the information through in a fun way.” (Student, AB)

“I really liked that all the restaurants had different kinds of food.” (Student, MB)

“This trip rocks!” (Student, AB)